Wholesale Black Currants

black currant Ice Cream
Ontario Waterbuffalo Co. with Gelato, flavoured with Popham Lane Farm's Blackcurrant Sauce
Casis Photo
Kinsip County Cassis, made with Popham Lane Farm's black currants

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Our Black Currants.

We provide the finest wholesale black currants.

We supply freshly picked and frozen black currants to markets and producers as well as to the general public. Most of the currants are used to produce our jam and sauce. During harvest, we offer the opportunity for the public to visit the farm and pick their own currants.

As the crop increases each year, so will our production and supply to meet the growing needs of our customers. Once Canadians discover the sheer goodness of Black Currants they will definitely want more. As our label states “Spread the Love.’’


Where to find our Black Currants

My World Kitchen
Brighton, ON  

Uses black currants and Spread in baking.

Burnham Family Farm Market
Cobourg, ON

Spread and Sauce for sale as well as frozen black currants

Durham College, Bistro ’67


Uses black currants in culinary school and on the menu

Doo Doo’s Bakery
Bailieboro, ON

Uses in baking;  has Spread and Sauce for sale.

Special Effects Decorating
Brighton, ON

Spread for sale.

Ontario Water Buffalo Co
Stirling, ON 

Uses in Buffalo milk gelato.
Spread and Sauce for sale.

Herma’s Fine Foods and Gifts
Port Hope, ON 


Spread in two sizes for sale and Sauce

The Village Pantry
Warkworth, ON  


Spread for sale

Black’s Distillery
Peterborough, ON


Uses in Cassis

Kinsip House of Fine Spirits
Bloomfield, ON 

Uses in Cassis (Award winner);  Spread and Sauce for sale

Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co., Cobourg, ON


Spread and Sauce for sale

Sobeys, Brighton, ON


Spread and Sauce for sale

Sobeys, Picton, ON


Spread and Sauce for sale

Foodland, Colborne, ON


Spread and Sauce for sale

Foodland, Frankford, ON


Spread for sale

Foodland, Wellington, ON


Spread and Sauce for sale

Algoma Orchards Ltd., Newcastle, ON


Spread and Sauce for sale


Centre & Main Chocolate Co., Warkworth, ON


Black currants in dark chocolate bar (Award winner)

Gourmakers, Belleville, ON

Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant

Black currant Spread (185 ml) for sale

Parsons Brewery, Picton, ON


Uses black currants in their beer

Gourmet Diem, Belleville, ON

Cafe, cookware and specialty foods

Black currant Spread and Sauce for sale