The U-Pick is now closed for this season (2023) and we are SOLD OUT of our frozen black currants. We may have some pick your own next year (2024) but please telephone first before making a trip to the farm. The season is normally from July 7th until the end of July.

Pick Your Own

Come to our farm and pick your own Black Currants in the Summer
and buy frozen Black Currants only at the farm.

At Popham Lane Farm, we invite the local community and visitors to come visit and pick or purchase authentic Canadian black currants while enjoying the breezes of a warm, sunny day on the shores of Lake Ontario.

For many, the visit is their first introduction to black currants, and while picking one of nature’s most nutritious fruits, discover a new culinary experience.

Either raw, melting into jams or sauces or baked into delicious pies, scones or muffins, black currants release their distinctive, tart goodness that brings visitors back time and again for more of this healthy treat.

We enjoy meeting and chatting with folks who have visited Popham Lane Farm before and welcoming those discovering us for the first time.

In the first few years, since opening, we have met local people from surrounding communities, many delighted that black currants are now so close at hand. We have also welcomed travellers heading home to Quebec or other parts of Ontario and visitors from as far away as Singapore and Great Britain.

So, to experience the thrill of picking your own currants and then transforming them into an array of tempting healthy treats, come visit Popham Lane Farm during summer and enjoy your time here and fruits of the season.


Stop by the house at 503 Lakeshore Road
to purchase our Black Currant Spread or frozen berries.