Popham Lane Farm

POPHAM LANE FARM is a new venture in Eastern Ontario. We are cultivating Black Currants commercially at our 12-acre farm near the shores of Lake Ontario in Brighton, and introducing the nutritional benefits of these super berries to Canadians.

Our first planting was in the spring of 2015 (with a small harvest in the summer of 2016) and all the plantings will be completed in 2018 with more than 13,000 black currant bushes. The crop should reach its full yield in 2023 with upwards of 20,000 kilograms (41,000 pounds) of black currants and continue at this rate for many years. At this point, we produce Popham Lane Farm Black Currant Spread and a multi-use Full Berry Sauce & Drink Mix. These products have a “WOW” factor, as most people exclaim upon tasting! Both are healthy, big on flavour and low on sweeteners so everyone can enjoy the benefits. The Full Berry Sauce & Drink Mix has a slightly more intense flavour and can be used right out of the jar in baking, drizzled over desserts, ice cream, pancakes, in vinaigrettes and any other way you can imagine.

Joseph Hayes & Priscilla Courtenay