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Popham Lane Farm sign

Popham Lane Farm

Black Currant farm in Northumberland County

POPHAM LANE FARM is a new venture in Eastern Ontario. We are cultivating Black Currants commercially at our 12-acre farm near the shores of Lake Ontario in Brighton, and introducing the nutritional benefits of these super berries to Canadians.

Black Currants

Nutritious & Delicious

Popham Lane Farm is a relatively new venture in Eastern Ontario. Our primary goal is to introduce those Canadians not familiar with black currants to this highly nutritious and delicious berry. We supply a local distiller, several micro breweries as well as a chocolatier and bakery. This enhances the versatility of black currants and brings new products to the Canadian market in Ontario..

Black Currants

Black Currant Spread And Sauce

Nutritious & Delicious

We have restructured our product size to make it more price competitive. As of August 2020, our Spread is now available in a 250ml jar and our Sauce & Drink Mix is in a 375ml bottle.

Black Currant Sauce and Spread

Our Customers Speak

“It was a pleasure coming to your farm for blackcurrants. I will definitely be back next year and promise to pick for a day for you. I also look forward to making more jam again next year. Merry Christmas to you and Joe. May next year be extremely fruitful.”

Debbie Schroder

“Cassis-opeia: I blended a lemon marmalade base with blackcurrant & Drambuie. An experiment that produced fantastic results. The first flavour I taste is the blackcurrant then the lemon zing followed closely by the licorice and herbal taste of the Drambuie…..Early opinion …. this is a great blend! Not the overly sweet Ribena of my childhood, @popham_lane_farm Black Currant Sauce from #brightonontario is a beautifully balanced grown up flavour.”

Samantha @ Cramahe Hill Marmalade

“See you next year. I gave some of the jam I made as gifts and kept only a couple for myself. I brought some to Jamaica so I could savour it over the winter (not sharing haha). I also want to thank Watershed for sharing your story and it led us to your farm. Although we only made it out once, we plan to return. I also shared your interesting story with my brother who is, as well, a retired armed forces personnel.”

Sharon L. Petgrave

“Bought your low-in-sugar spread at the Bon Appetite! – Food Business Conference Tasting at the OAFVC in Colborne and LOVED IT!”

Alysha Dominico

“On behalf of Victoria Hall Volunteers thank you very much for welcoming our large group to your farm. We were all in awe of the vastness of your enterprise! Your product is wonderful! Thanks to you, we now know the value and benefits of local black currants and will continue to look for your brand in the stores.”

Frances Richardson
VHV President